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Mar 2013

Computing: The Dell XPS 18: A Legitimate Windows 8 Device

Programming: How Ars Does Live-blogging With WordPress

Jan 2013

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Dec 2012

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Nov 2012

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Notes: Original IP from behind a proxy

Oct 2012

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Programming: Web-based API platforms

Jul 2012

Social Media: Likes are not the objective

Mar 2012

Programming: The PHP getter/setter

Feb 2012

Programming: Easy PHP templates

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Jan 2012

Programming: MySQL’s “Warning: Field ‘id’ doesn’t have a default value”

Nov 2011

Computing: Google+ releases pages

Oct 2011

Projects: British Airways In-Flight Entertainment

Projects: enRoute Eats Dining Guide App

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Sep 2011

Programming: Variable height UIView

Aug 2011

Abstract Thought: PHP array_remove and array_remove_assoc

Jul 2011

Abstract Thought: Plus’d

Jun 2011

External Link: Open Source and Business Strategy

Apr 2011

Computing: Firefox won’t load a webpage?

Mar 2011

Content Management: Limit user email domains in BuddyPress

Jan 2011

Programming: NoSQL Primer for Python

Projects: Google Hackathon in Montreal

May 2010

Computing: Reclaim Some Privacy: 3rd-party Cookies

Programming: PIL 1.1.7, Python 2.6 and Mac 10.5

Programming: Extending the Django User model

Apr 2010

Book Review: Review of the book ReWork

Mar 2010

On The Radar: On The Radar, Spring ’10

Programming: A case for Test Driven Development

Jan 2010

Abstract Thought: What is good software?

Nov 2009

Notes: Uploaded Excel mime type

Oct 2009

Notes: Ubuntu in VirtualBox

Sep 2009

Programming: PHP isset()

Aug 2009

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Jun 2009

Content Management: Choosing a Content Management System for Online Publishing

Apr 2009

WebIT Discussions: WebIT Discussions, Ep. 1: Content is Burger King

Mar 2009

Content Management: Expanding the CMS for new Content

On The Radar: On The Radar, Spring ’09

Content Management: Working in Publishing as a Developer

Feb 2009

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