About WebIT

My name is Dimitry Zolotaryov and I started Web I.T. to help companies plan, build and maintain online and mobile projects. I have 10 years of programming experience working out of Montreal, Quebec and specializing in Magento, Wordpress, Django and iOS development.



I assist in the planning and execution of your project and help you avoid pitfalls common to marketing and eCommerce websites.


My PHP, JavaScript, Python, Objective-C, Swift and HTML/CSS rate is just right for small to medium sized-projects or for agencies looking to increase their technical manpower.


No project is ever completed. I help small and medium-sized businesses stay bug-free and current with new features and technologies.

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He is that rare breed of developer who is as passionate about his code as he is about usability.


Liesl Barrell CEO at Third Wunder

[Dimitry’s] work was on time and on budget and integrated effortlessly with our site.


Luis Rodriguez Co-founder at Oboxmedia

He’s a very intelligent and motivated person and I learned a lot from working with him.


Charles Lim Director, Digital at Spafax